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A tribe for folks who enjoy collecting rocks and Rock-Hounding (Rock Hunting) throughout Oregon and the general Northwest territories. Come boast about your latest find, or share with fellow respectful rock-hunters your good rock-hunting spots, information, or your advice.

If you enjoy collecting rocks and use them in your home, garden, for lapidary work or jewlry, or for their metaphysical properties, then I hope this tribe helps us network with each other and serves a good purpose. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Holly blue Sweet home  topic
Graveyard Point..  topic
Calapooia  topic
Where to hunt for rocks in oregon?  topic
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Pride scholarships for Northwest students; clos...  topic
2011 Virgin Valley Opals Fee dig contact inform...  topic
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Oregon Opal  photo flag
Oregon crystal Opal  photo flag
Near Portland/Vancouver  topic
N.E, OR Opal  photo flag
resources for finding dig sites  topic
395 OR/WA  topic
Opal-An rubbed down a bit  photo flag
nice peice of Opal-an  photo flag
Nice slab of Blue Mtn Opal  photo flag
oregon rockhounds  topic
Going looking for Sunstones this week!  topic
House Fire Victim/Help or Resources?  topic
Obituary for George  topic
Winter....sigh  topic
One ounce of blue-green Mintabie crystal.  photo flag
Mintabie black base gem crystal opal, just rubbed.  photo flag
Lambina top gem gel crystal opal.  photo flag

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